Alexander Wang’s Famous Friends Band Together for DoSomething Campaign

Alexander Wang enlisted the help of some of the most influential personalities in the world to promote DoSomething, an organization that continues to provide support for youth and local change. 

The iconic designer is celebrating a decade of success in the fashion industry by continuing his philanthropic partnership with the organization and creating exclusive DoSomething shirts and hoodies.

For the advertising campaign, Wang came up with a list of prominent people who have made an impact on today’s youth. On the list are 38 of the most popular and influential celebrities in the world, from big-name actors like Taraji P. Henson and Kristen Wiig to the world’s most famous supermodels like Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne.

Kate Moss for Alexander Wang’s DoSomething CampaignKate Moss for Alexander Wang’s DoSomething Campaign

He tapped professional photographer Steven Klein to shoot the campaign and asked Pascal Dangin to lend his expertise in creative direction. The result is a series of black-and-white portraits that show celebrities clad in Wang’s exclusive DoSomething tees and hoodies.

Steven Klein for Alexander Wang’s DoSomething CampaignSteven Klein for Alexander Wang’s DoSomething Campaign

Pascal Dangin for Alexander Wang’s DoSomething Campaign
Pascal Dangin for Alexander Wang’s DoSomething Campaign

Show your support by purchasing any of these DoSomething pieces from Alexander Wang. Fifty percent of the retail price of every item will go straight to to help the organization continue its efforts in ensuring a better future for the youth.

Here are some of the stunning portraits from Alexander Wang’s 
DoSomething advertising campaign:Cara Delevingne for Alexander Wang’s DoSomething Campaign
Cara Delevingne for Alexander Wang’s DoSomething Campaign

Kanye West for Alexander Wang’s DoSomething Campaign
Kanye West for Alexander Wang’s DoSomething Campaign

Kim Kardashian for Alexander Wang’s DoSomething Campaign
Kim Kardashian for Alexander Wang’s DoSomething Campaign

Kristen Wiig for Alexander Wang’s DoSomething Campaign
Kristen Wiig for Alexander Wang’s DoSomething Campaign

HAIM for Alexander Wang’s DoSomething Campaign
HAIM for Alexander Wang’s DoSomething Campaign

Taraji P. Henson for Alexander Wang’s DoSomething Campaign
Taraji P. Henson for Alexander Wang’s DoSomething Campaign


Fei Fei Sun for Alexander Wang’s DoSomething Campaign
Fei Fei Sun for Alexander Wang’s DoSomething Campaign


ASAP Rocky for Alexander Wang’s DoSomething CampaignASAP Rocky for Alexander Wang’s DoSomething Campaign

Photo Credit: Steven Klein for Alexander Wang

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