Converse Celebrates the Sex Pistols with Its Latest Collection

Converse recently unveiled its newest capsule collection, which features an array of items inspired by the sound and fury of the Sex Pistols. The English punk rock band blasted onto the scene with an explosive sound that revolutionized rock and roll. Dripping with venom and armed with a thirst for chaos, the Sex Pistols started a movement that had a distinct look, sound, and attitude. Converse puts the spotlight on the legendary punk band to celebrate its influence on the industries of music and fashion.

The popular shoe company released the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sex Pistols collection, which features all of the trademark details of the label such as smooth rounded toes, lace-up details, rubber soles, and Converse’s star insignia. Aside from footwear, this exclusive line also features clothing items for both men and women. Crafted from high-quality materials, these pieces feature stellar graphics inspired by the band and the punk rock movement.

So bring in the noise and embrace your inner punk rock star with pieces from the latest capsule collection from Converse!

Parchment High-Top Cotton SneakersParchment High-Top Cotton Sneakers, $70

White Low-Top Canvas SneakersWhite Low-Top Canvas Sneakers, $65

White High-Top Cotton SneakersWhite High-Top Cotton Sneakers, $75

Thunder High-Top Cotton SneakersThunder High-Top Cotton Sneakers, $75

Red Low-Top Canvas SneakersRed Low-Top Canvas Sneakers, $65

Black High-Top Leather SneakersBlack High-Top Leather Sneakers, $80

Men’s Sex Pistols No Future TeeMen’s Sex Pistols No Future Tee, $35

Men’s Sex Pistols Bollocks TeeMen’s Sex Pistols Bollocks Tee, $35

Men’s Sex Pistols Bomber JacketMen’s Sex Pistols Bomber Jacket, $140

Women’s Sex Pistols No Future Muscle TeeWomen’s Sex Pistols No Future Muscle Tee, $35

Women’s Sex Pistols Photo Muscle TeeWomen’s Sex Pistols Photo Muscle Tee, $35

Photo Credit: Converse

What do you think of the Sex Pistols collection from Converse? Which items have made it onto your wishlist?

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