Arts District, astrid anderson, dtla, h. lorenzo, raf simmons, Thrifted, street style,

street style – Gabby

street style Location: Arts District Gabby/19/Student Outfit Details: Top: Thrifted Shorts: Astrid Anderson Shoes: Raf Simmons Necklaces: DTLA Instagram: @____schwan “The vibe is sporty grandma.”

asos, dtla, Little Tokyo, primark, street style,

street style – Suzy

street style Location: Little Tokyo Suzy/26/Business Analyst Outfit Details: Dress: Gift from Mom Top: Primark Hat: ASOS Shoes: Gift from friend Glasses: Primark Instagram: @robinsonsuzy “I’m on holiday, so I packed six maxi dresses and…

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street style – Ashley and Maro

street style Location: Melrose Trading Post Ashley(left)/25/Model; Receptionist Outfit Details: Jumpsuit: Vintage Shoes: Vans Socks: Happy Socks Bag: DKNY Instagram: @siamesesiamese “I’m excited for summer because I can wear slip dresses and bathing suits.” Maro(right)/26/Musician;…