Black, leatherjacket, losangeles, minimal, Motorcyclejacket, SanteeAlley, street style, thegrove, Topman

street style – Raul

street style Raul/25/Fashion Designer; Stylist Location: The Grove Outfit Details: All: Topman Shoes: Santee Alley “My style is very minimal and refined.”

40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, Flea Market, Melrose, Ray-bans, street style, Vintage

street style – Juana and Alvin

street stylef Juana(left)/25/AT&T Location: Melrose Outfit Details: All: Vintage Purse: Gift from Alvin Shoes: Olvera St. “I’m very inspired by Peggy Bundy and the fashion eras of the 40’s and 70’s.”   Alvin(right)/25/Student Location: Melrose…

street style, Ami, Amiaya, Aya, Designers, Dr.Martens, Harajuku, Japanese, Melrose, Model, Singer, Tokyo, Vintage

street style – Ami and Aya (AMIAYA)

street style   Aya(left)/26/Designer; Model; Singer Location: Melrose Outfit Details: All: Vintage Boots: Dr. Martens Ami(right)/26/Designer; Model; Singer Location: Melrose Outfit Details: All: Vintage Boots: Dr. Martens Instagram: //AMIAYA

street style, Atwater Village, Converse, Customized, Thrifted, Topshop, Valfre, Vintage

street style – Poppy

street style Poppy/Singer Location: Atwater Village Outfit Details: Everything: Thrifted Shoes: Customized Converse Phone Case: Valfre Bag: Topshop “I’m in a rush!”

street style, American Apparel, Deandri, Downtown, MCM, Mstr of Disguise, Stetson, UNIF, Vintage

street style – Ann Marie Hoang

street style Ann Marie Hoang/26/Wardrobe Stylist Location: Downtown LA Outfit Details: Jacket: Mstr of Disguise Hat: Stetson Collar Bib: Deandri Tee: Vintage Fishnet Leggings: American Apparel Boots: UNIF Bag: MCM Fox Tail: Vintage “I love…